Meet the Band


What happens when you put four talented Irish musicians in a house together?  You get a rollicking Irish band that’ll bring the house down! 

Now before you start saying, “Oh they ‘re just a bunch of kids.”  Wait until you hear them!  They’ll change your mind. 


The name Shanveen comes from the village my mother grew up in Donegal, Ireland.  Our story began in 1999 when Theresa's music teacher asked if her family could do a presentation of Irish dance and music for St. Patrick's Day.  In those days I was the only vocalist and guitarist.  Mary played a souvenir penny whistle, JP played a decorative Irish Bodhrán (bone drum) and Patrick played an old keyboard on the accordion setting.  Although these were very humble beginnings, people really enjoyed the music we played.  For the first three years we mostly did old Irish Pub songs with very little variation in style or instrumentation.  We performed at Churches, preschools, Retirement homes and any place that would have us. 

But our most significant performance was in the summer of 2002 when we were invited to play at the North Georgia Celtic Festival in Gainesville, Georgia.  It was the first time we had ever played along side other Celtic bands and we were an instant hit!  But more important we were exposed to and welcomed into the Celtic music community in the North Georgia area.  Since then we have grown and matured in many aspects of our music, styles, and abilities.  We have played at Underground Atlanta, The Loafing Leprechaun, The North Georgia Celtic Festival, The Atlanta Celtic Festival, Chateau Elan, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Little Gardens, Dunwoody Country Club, Buford Summer in the Streets, The Duluth Fall Festival, The Norcross Fall Festival, Snellville Days Festival, The Wink Theatre, The Barking Legs Theatre and dozens more special events, concerts and private parties.

Mary Elizabeth Williams
Mary is now an award-winning musician in Penny Whistle, Irish Flute, Uilleann Pipes and voice.  She also plays piano, guitar, Bodhrán and is working on the fiddle and banjo.  She has an enchanting lilting voice and an incredible ability to instantly improvise beautiful harmonies to everything she hears.  Shanveen’s most recent and most popular songs have been composed and arranged by Mary. 

Patrick Michael Williams
Patrick has also come a long way from his early days with Shanveen.  His skills as an award-winning pianist allowed him to transition into the accordion with great ease.  He taught himself to play guitar and with some mentoring from Michael Robins of the Border Collies, he has become an expert in the Celtic - DADGAD guitar style.  Patrick also plays the mandolin, Bodhrán and wooden spoons and in addition is a fantastic singer.  His deep mellow tones blend perfectly with Mary to produce many awesome duets.

John Paul Williams
JP is our drummer.   Over the years his simple beats have become much more intricate and electrifying.  JP plays the Irish Bodhrán, standard drums, congas, bongos, djembes, spoons, bones and electric guitar.  Although most of the time he prefers not to sing, he also possesses an incredible voice.  Another of his talents is hooking up our sound system and creating a mixes that capture the natural essence of Shanveen’s unique sound.

Mickey Williams
I am JP, Patrick and Mary’s dad, the manager and the original driving force of Shanveen.  I’ve been singing Irish tunes and playing guitar since I was a teenager.  My musical style has been strongly influenced by older Irish groups like the Clancy Brothers and The Irish Rovers.  The kids keep pushing me out of my comfort zone to develop new styles and instruments.  I now play Irish Bodhrán and am working on the Banjo.

Being a family band has many unique advantages and challenges.  First of all, JP, Patrick and Mary are all still full time students who would much rather be playing tunes than hitting the books.  We are not able to play in many Irish Pubs because of their age. So if you are or know the owner of a nice Irish Pub or any other family friendly live music venue, please contact us and lets book a show!. 


(770) 338-0769